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Sustainable Building & Construction

Home Maintenance & Repairs    205.258.2423

Air & Moisture Sealing:  Caulk, Weather Strip, Air Duct Sealing

Sustainable Development  ●  Efficiency Improvements

Lawn Core Aeration (aerators), Power Washing, Yard Work

Chilton County, AL  Home Maintenance & Repair Affordable, Sustainable Building & Construction services!
Core Aeration:  Zoysia & Bermuda Grass Lawn Care Lawn Sweeping:  Raking Leaves, Compost & Mulch
2 Coring Machines for Core Aeration or Aerating Lawns Lawn Sweeping Leaves, Compost & Mulch, Thatching Yards
Late Spring throughout the Summer, Grass Growing Season is the right time for Aerating Lawns. Zoysia Grass and Bermuda Grass need access to proper nutrients and regular watering (1" per week in Alabama) in order to maintain a plush and healthy yard throughout the year. Core Aeration creates passageways for fertilization and water to nourish your lawn. Coring Lawns makes sense!

Cutting, Watering, Fertilizing & Overseeding available!

Lawn Aeration:  Promoting Healthy Yard Growth!

Lawn, Leaf, Compost & Mulch Beds: Garden Boxes

Sweeping Leaves and "sweeping lawns" helps to open the pours between the blades of grass.  Some folks "thatch". Thatching leaves the dead grass blades back on the lawn. When you sweep grass or "sweep your yard" with a rotary brush, you're able to save the high quality mulch to add to your compost pile, while opening the grass to the air.

Call us Today to SWEEP YOUR LAWN!  205-258-2423


Caulk, Weather Stripping, Air Duct Sealing

Chilton Home Help Services, a division of Alabama Trade Station, LLC    1114 Lay Dam Road    Clanton, Alabama 35045

Affordable Home Maintenance & Repair Services
Fixing Minor Home Repairs before they become Major Problems.

Caulking, Weather Stripping, Heat & Air Duct Sealing    AIR SEALING & MOISTURE SEALING

TOOLBOX:  Air Ducts,  Floor & Crawlspace Air Vents, Aluminum Tape, Caulk, Caulk Gun, Premium Weather Stripping: Kerf Seal
TECHNICAL CAPABILITIES:  Thermographic Camera & Video, Moisture Metering, No Blow-Door Testing, we prefer to use other tools.

When the Heating & Air Conditioning works, but you're just not feeling comfortable inside your house due to the weather outside,
Call Us. You can count on us to seal leaks in the air ducts, to caulk cracks around the windows, and to close the gaps around the doors.
Weatherstripping, Caulk, Sealant, Door Trim, Crawl Space Air Ducts & Minor Ductwork, Heavy Plastic Polyethylene and Crawl Space Insulation repairs.

PAY LESS for POWER & GAS Utility Bills, call us at (205) 258-2423.
We Stop Drafts, Plug Holes, and Seal Leaks in and around your home. When you want Cool in the Summer and Warm in the Winter call (205) 258-2423.


Serving: Central Alabama along Hwy 31 / I-65 and the nearby Coosa River communities around Lake Mitchell and Lay Lake:
Chilton County:
Clanton, Jemison, Thorsby, Maplesville, Billingsley, Verbena toward Prattville, Alabama
Bibb/Shelby County: Hwy 139, Hwy 155, Hwy 50, Hwy 73, Montevallo, Wilton, Brierfield, Randolph, Lawley, Montevallo, Calera Alabama
Coosa County:
 Lay Lake and Lake Mitchell communities, Hwy 145, Hwy 32, Hwy 28, Hwy 22 to the Coosa River.

In addition to Air & Moisture Sealing, Taping & Sealing Air Ducts, Caulk and Weather stripping; call us when you need select Home Handyman Services.

Gardening, Yard Work, Yard & Garden Services, and General Outdoor Clean-up:  Gardener (We can Weed & Feed!). No spray chemicals.

Tree Trimming, Pruning Fruit Trees, Hauling, Ornamental Gardening, Raised Garden Bed Construction, Core Aeration for your Bermuda or Zoysia grass,
Power Washing and Pressure Washing, Deck Cleaning, Deck Sealing, and General Home, Garden & Garage Cleanup, Apartment Moving Services.

Electrical Services:

Whole House Electrical Wiring Services available to NEC 2014 National Electric Code. MASTER ELECTRICIAN & Journeymen Available!
Communications Cabling: Telephone, Data, Cable TV, DISH, and DirecTV to code.

Cleaning, Hauling, Moving, 6x12 Storage Utility Trailer Pickup Truck for Moving Storage, Hauling Junk, Supplies, Tools
6 x 12 Enclosed Utility Trailer Hauls  Tools, Equipment, and Supplies. Attic, Garage, and Crawl Space Air Sealing & Moisture Sealing. Work Trucks, Flat bed trailers, Yard & Tree Equipment, and hand tools.
Painting Doors, Windows, Trim; Weather-Proofing; Grass Aeration.

Handyman Services: One man, Two man, and team crews available.  Insured Apartment Movers.  Experienced. Old Timers!

Painting Doors & Trim, Changing and Replacing Door Locks, Replacing Hardware and Fixtures around the house
Moving Furniture around the House, Garage Cleaning Services & Clean-Out Services, and we can help you move in/out of your Apartment.

APARTMENT MOVING SPECIAL  RATE:  You Help, Assistant Apartment Movers, 1 MAN, Pickup Truck, 6' X 12' Enclosed Trailer, $225/4-6 hours.
Sometimes, when you call your beer buddies, they might be off drinking beer! If you call your girlfriend, she might be getting her nails done.  You & Me, Suave!
You'll need some help when you move in or out of your place. Includes protecting blankets and throws, a wheel dolly, ropes & tie downs. You'll need boxes.
Whatever U-Haul costs, you probably still need another pair of hands and a good, strong back. We're insured, and we were raised in Hoover & Vestavia.

Sustainable Building & Construction Services:  Coming Soon!
Affordability in Home Living with Less Interior Space. Have you considered building an Efficient, Low-Maintenance 700 - 1000 sq. ft. home?
Lower Utility Bills. Lower lifetime costs. Outdoor Living Space, such as a porch or patio can add more than 400 sq. ft. to living space.
Garages built to 30' x 40', Metal Building on Slab, Pole Barns on grade.

Custom Garage & Outdoor Storage Shed construction. Site-Built Construction or pre-manufactured Delivery & Setup available.
OUTDOOR CLOSETS are the Rage!  Does your woman need more storage room for clothes?  Cedar Walls, Seating Benches, and Electricity.

Design Build Services. Indoor/Outdoor Living. Minimize your carbon foot-print and minimize your living costs.

Core Aerating Zoysiagrass, Coring Grass Lawns NEC 2014 "Home Electrical Wiring" completed panel. Painting Doors. Replacing door-knobs and hinges.
Coring Zoysiagrass 2014 NEC Home Electrical Wiring Painting Doors and Changing Locks


Chilton County Chamber of Commerce, Member

Clanton, Jemison, Thorsby  Chilton County, Alabama
Excellent Handyman Contractor prices. We do plenty of 2 - 4 Hour Jobs. Give us a call.

Specialty tools, Outdoor equipment, Supplies & Manpower to do the job right!

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